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The lawyers at Crone & McEvoy frequently find that our clients' employers have failed to pay them the legal minimum wage or have failed to pay them overtime for hours worked above the statutory limit per week. Often times it is more cost effective for the clients and the attorneys to bring these cases as class actions under the Fair Labor Standards Act. A class action or representative action is a lawsuit where one or more individuals bring a claim on their own behalf and on behalf of all persons similarly situated. This allows for more economical prosecution of the actions but more importantly, often times, results in compensation for other employees who have been wronged as well as an elimination of the illegal compensation practice.

The goal of the Fair Labor Standards Act is to eliminate labor conditions which are detrimental to workers' obtaining a minimum standard of living necessary for their health, efficiency and general well-being. Sometimes this Act is known as the "wage and hour laws". The Fair Labor Standards Act covers most employers and employees in the United States. Your specific situation may be an exception to the Fair Labor Standards Act so you should always consult an attorney before determining that your employer has violated your rights.

Interested parties are strongly advised to check the United States Department of Labor's Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about wages, overtime , and benefits.

If you have any further questions about whether your employer may be violating the Fair Labor Standards Act, you may contact Alan Crone at 800-403-7868 or e-mail acrone@croneMcEvoy.com.

If you are a potential member in a FLSA class action that Crone & McEvoy is currently involved in, please see the link to the right of this page for a listing of recent and ongoing FLSA class actions in which our firm is involved. Each page has important information, copies of important pleadings (court papers) and contact information.



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